Donna, you are an exceptional & amazing person: a happy mix of professionalism & kindness. I have a life time of career experience in real estate, never have I met anyone as extraordinary as you. Thank you for selling our house.

Ann G and L Cook

Ann G and Linda Cook

Donna negotiated a great price for our house when we moved to Florida. We were able to make a nice profit & purchased another house with her assistance. She is a Great Negotiator.

Ruby & Harold Roark

Ruby & Harold Roark

I can't recommend Donna enough. She understood what my needs were by really listening to me. She sold my house in 10 days while I was in Italy! I made more than I ever thought possible. She helped me every step of the way. I tell every one who needs a Realtor, Donna will get the job done best.

Ada DiStefano

Ada DiStefano

My husband and I were looking for a home in Cape Coral 5 years ago (2003) and we were very fortunate to meet Donna, who was extremely professional, knowledgeable and very friendly. She showed us many properties in our criteria and we were ready to make a move from Ft. Lauderdale to the West Coast. Due to a job change, we were not able to make the move, but we have been staying in contact with Donna through the years. One day when we are ready to move to the West Coast of Florida, to be closer to our Midwestern friends, we will definitely call on Donna's expertise.

Vera Skinner

Dennis & Vera Skinner

We can't begin to sing the praises for Donna. We were so blessed to have her recommended by a friend. We had gone to an Attorney for a Loan Modification, paid but no results. The Attorney talked us into Bankruptcy and we lost some of our possessions, like my piano, Harry's guitar, my Cadillac, sofa, dining room set. We were devastaed but Donna came along and work with us for over a year until we were able to remove the house from Bankruptcy Trustee and short sale with money and we are now renting our house from the Investor. She is an Angel.

Harry and Marvis Long

Harry and Marvis Long

I was lucky that my neighbor had recommended that I call Donna. She said that I would like her and that she gets results. She said she has been in the business a long time and knows how to handle people right. Boy am I glad I listened to her. Donna got the results wer were looking for.She listed an sold our house in less than 2 weeks with the net results we wanted. She helped us find the right Condo to down size into without feeling like we had given up everything we had alwys loved about homeownership. You will be glad to have her as a Realtor.

Helen Myer

Helen Myer

Donna is very experienced and knowledgeable agent. She is extremely thorough and provides excellent service and communication. We have bought and sold many properties and worked with many agents over the years. Donna out performed all of them. She demonstrates excellence in all aspect of her performance.

H Bynum

Harold and Mary Bynum

We were looking for a condo in Fort Myers to escape the cold winters of Minnesota. After renting for three years, we decided to purchase a condo of our own. Friends refrred us to Donna Bishop, as they had worked with her on multiple purchases. Thank goodness they did. Donna was able to work with us on a foreclosure that was in the complex where we had rented. Without heer help we would never have been able to secure this property. She knows the ins and outs of all types of sales and it was a pleasure to work with. The whole sale was handled long distance from Minnesota, but all went smoothly thanks to Donna. She is the consummate real estate professional.

Rich & Dar Grugal

Rich and Dar Grugal

We chose Donna from an advertisement she ran years ago. She was advertising that she was a "Buyers Agent" her face looked like someone you could trust. Let me tell you, we have been with several agents and they didn't listen. They showed us their company listings and not anything that we were interested in. So we called Donna, she was so easygoing and a real friend. She listen and showed us several printouts of available homes. We narrowed it down and she knew exactly which one was what we wanted. She was terrific. She successfully negotiated the sale so that wew could get what we wanted. We got the best agent but we also got a good friend.

J. Flynn

Over the years we have bought 3 houses with Donna's assistance. She is a great lady and a good friend. She listens and does just the right thing for you.

G. Karaz

G Karaz

We sold a duplex in Lehigh Acres with the help of Donna. She got the job done for us and we are very gratefuly.



T. Chan

Bank of America recommended Donna to do the Short Sale of my land in Riverbend Golf & River Club. They said she knew how to use their short sale web site, Equator. Her success rate was very high and they said she would get the job done for me. I natually took their advice.

D Chan

D Chan

Sold three house Short Sales with Donna's help. If you are looking for a professional real estate agent & mortgage broker look to Donna. She is so knowledgeable about all the real estate dealings. She is a Short Sale Expert. She kept me from getting a deficiency and evn got me "relocation money" $3000. If you need an Expert she is it!


D Nguyen

We purchased a short sale home from a Foreign Seller in Cape Coral. We had so many complications with the purchase of our dream home. It was a Foreign Seller so the time frames to get the papers signed were unreal. Not to mention he owed the City for mowing, assessments and more. What an added problem, but Donna knew exactly what to do and how to do it. It would have been nice if the listing agent had a better understanding of the transactions and time zones with his Seller. Thank you Donna for all your hard work and all you put into everything you've done for us.

Debra & Leo Barrington

Debra & Leo Barrington

I bought and sold a couple of houses with Donna. I recommend Donna because she is so easy to talk to and does what she says she'll do. I trust her knowledge and experience. I can't tell you how happy I am I have my own home and it's because she made it happen. "Thank You".

Sharon Workley

Sharon Workley

I was fresh out of college and had a lot of debt, student loans, high credit card debt. I went to Donna when I knew I had credit problems. She was able to give me a plan. I had to work at cleaning up my credit and saving some money for my reserves. It worked I'm now a Happy First Time Homebuyer. Thanks to all her advise and efforts. I truly recommend her.

Wolson Loring

Wolson Loring.

I bought a house in Cape Coral Fl. and got financing Donna was such a huge help. She helped me understand the process of buying and financing. She recommended a fixed rate when others were telling me how good adjustables were in today's market. This was in 2003. Not long after that the rates went through the roof. I am so glad she told me to go with a fixed rate. She is the best.

Janice Parlin

Janice Parlin

Buying Florida Real Estate has never been easier.